Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ways You Know You’re on an Assembly Line with Roeperians (as observed by Pam)

·      You observe at least half the workers experimenting with alternative, non-standard methods of getting cans of food into boxes.

·      One person (that you know of) calculates the number of boxes packed per minute as she works.

·      You lose count of the number of puns exchanged.

·      Brad Rourke takes a photo of you with his phone.

·      The kids boss around the adults.

·      You engage in more than one brainstorming session.

·      More than one person has performed children’s theater/improv comedy/in a band.

·      Everyone uses the term “forensics” in the non-CSI way.

·      There is no need to translate from Geek to another language.

·      It kind of feels like a family reunion.

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