Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pam's Take of Day Two: Power to the People

The highlights of Day Two for me were the people. But, then again, for me it always comes down to the people upon reflection. I loved hanging out with Catherine, one of our most freshly minted graduates and the class president. (I only very vaguely remember us having a class president. I suspect it was either Stephanie or Denise because the rest of us were too lazy for the job.) Catherine was a wonderful representation of the best that a lifetime at Roeper can produce. She is intelligent, highly self-motivated and asks really good questions.

The sweltering and arduous afternoon was made much easier by working along side two young Focus Hope volunteers. I took vicarious thrill at their reactions to the scent of a lavender sprig I broke off from a plant I was weeding around. “Where can I get some of this? I want my dad to plant it!” So cute. Then the tables turned as one of the girls regaled me with the story of her luncheon with Barack and Michelle Obama. It was my turn to coo and swoon.

And, yeah, we weeded and turned over heavy, clay soil and raked mulch and spread compost too. It was hard work, and the kids and I crawled into bed early last night and slept until the last possible moment this morning. Turns out, good work makes you really, really tired.

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