Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Are We There Yet? Day Two: Brad's Take

Like Jenny, I found Day Two to be harder than yesterday . . . even though I had to leave a little early. My guilt at leaving early was doubled when I learned that my fellow Team Pergola members were still at work at 5:30. Yikes!

We were erecting a 12' structure. When I left, we had gotten the beams up, but we still had to tie them together with rails at the top, and then lay a lattice roof over it.

Those are tall beams.

Anyway, the portable power tools (drill and saw) kept running out of juice, necessitating quick requests of Focus:Hope for more power.

In the end, we quit with the rails installed at the top. Now we just need to put on the roof. We will need tall ladders tomorrow, but I think we will be up to it!

Jenny's right, the unsung hero is Stephanie.

A reporter from the Detroit News came and interviewed a number of us including Jenny, Asa, and Abe. We will see what comes of that!

Eric Peterson

Jenny Hansell and Clint Spevak

Asa Watten

Jenny Hansell, Pam Victor

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